ES-350 CNC Turret Punching Fiber Laser Cutting Combined Machine

The process of punching, forming and cutting of the plate is completed at one time, and the workpiece is directly generated from the raw material, which replaces the traditional processing process of punching and shearing separation, reduces the processing time by about 60%, improves the processing efficiency, and saves 6% to 10% of materials. The utilization rate of materials is improved and the production cost is reduced.
The CNC punching laser cutting combined machine also reserves interfaces that can be matched with warehouses, automatic feeding robots and stacking devices, which provides convenience for further expanding automation and forming a CNC punching and shearing sheet flexible processing production line.

Why Choose a CNC Turret Punching and Fiber Laser Cutting Combined Machine?

Laser processing is highly flexible and can process complex workpieces. Turret punching are the best choice for standard holes because they only require one simple stroke. If a part has special forming, such as tapping, counterboring, shutters, etc., and also has complex shapes or very fine slits, laser cutting is required. Such parts are typical parts suitable for laser turret punching cutting composite processing. At the same time, many geometries of the part can be efficiently processed by a single turret punching machine or laser cutting machine. In this case, the advantages of a composite machine can be brought into full play when processing a complex workpiece.

CNC Punching Laser Cutting Machine Technical Parameter

Nominal Pressure300 Kn
Maximum Punching Diameter88.5 mm(D Station)
Maximum Workpiece Thickness6.35 mm
Maximum Workpiece Weight120 Kg
Laser Power1.5/2/3 Kw
Punching Accuracy±0.1 mm
Repeat Positioning Accuracy±0.1 mm
Compressed Air0.55-0.8Mpa
Punching Frequency1500 times/min
Cutting Speed30 m/min
Feeding Speed100 m/min
Processing Size1500×5000 mm
Modulus32 set
Die Transfer Station1B、1C
Number of Control Axes6 set
Turntable Speed30 Hpm
Dimensions5300x5100x2200 mm

CNC Turret Punching and Laser Cutting Process Characteristics

This cnc punching laser cutting sheet metal machining center is the perfect combination of laser and CNC turret punching! It combines all the advantages of CNC turret punching machine and fiber laser cutting machine.

Any sheet metal process and workpiece batch size can be easily handled to complete demanding machining tasks.

The punch can process standard contours and formed parts (such as shutters, convex hulls, reverse edges), and laser cutting can easily process special-shaped openings and complex outer contours without the need for custom molds.

The process flow is simplified, and the complex sheet metal process is easily dealt with. The real-machine-in-hand sheet metal process is all available!

The advanced turret punching cutting processing technology greatly improves the cutting efficiency, easily copes with the processing of laser cutting in highly reflective materials, doubles the life of the laser generator, and greatly reduces the consumables in the laser cutting.

Realize high-efficiency production with energy saving and low cost!

Ritec punch cutting composite special system, Perfect combination of laser and CNC turret punch machining process

CNC Turret Punching and Laser Cutting Details Advantages

The machine bed, beam and beam seat are subject by high temperature heat treatment to ensure the Stability of long use.

Cnc Punching Turret Die Plate, 80mm turret 24/32 stations, The upper and lower die plates are integral nodular cast iron structures, with no screws or pin holes in the middle, so the equipment will not be dislocated and deformed after years of use, with high stability and good turret guidance.

The left and right size of the table top reaches 5300mm, and 1500x2500mm does not need repositioning processing

High elastic soft nylon brush work surface, with air floating universal ball, durable, surrounded by stainless steel edge to effectively protect the edge brush damage, the air floating platform can easily cope with the positioning of thick plates, reducing the work intensity of operators


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