PMD Series Heavy Duty CNC Plate Drilling and Milling Machine

Ritec PMD series heavy duty cnc drilling machine for steel plate, mainly used for high-efficiency drilling, milling and tapping processing of flat plates, flanges, discs, rings and other workpieces, the maximum processing thickness can reach 300mm, the machining process is digitally controlled and the operation is very convenient. It can realize automation, high precision, multi-variety and mass production. In order to meet the processing needs of different users, it can be customized according to your actual needs.

Fuctions of PMD CNC Plate Drilling Machine

Technical Parameters of CNC High-speed Plane Drilling and Milling Machine

 Processing Range3000×3000mm4000×4000mm5000×5000mm
Max. Thickness of Workpiece (mm)300
Morse Taper of Main SpindleBT50
Main Spindle Rotating Speed30-4800r/min
Maximum Drilling Diameter(mm)φ60 (Carbide Drill)
Spindle Motor Power22KW Inverter Motor(18.5KW Servo Motor)
Feed Stroke(mm)500
Control SystemSiemens 828D PPU281.3
Positioning Accuracy≤0.04mm
Repeat Positioning Accuracy≤0.02mm

Details of CNC Plate Drilling and Milling Machine

The machine bed and worktable are made of high-quality gray iron (HT300). After two tempering and heat treatment to remove stress, it has high strength and is not easy to deform. The independent form of the bed and the worktable eliminates the resonance generated in the drilling process and prolongs the service life of the alloy drill bit.

The moving gantry adopts the different-surface structure of the guide rail, and the stress is removed by two tempering heat treatment. The two left and right outriggers of the gantry are mounted on the column slides of the two beds. Two sets of large inertia AC servo motors on the left and right beds synchronously drive two precision ball screw pairs to drive the CNC sliding table and the gantry to move longitudinally. Two sets of linear guide rail pair guides on the left and right bed bodies ensure high positioning accuracy and repeatable positioning accuracy.

The ram-type power head with vertical CNC feed, its vertical slide table and power head ram are all cast with high-quality gray iron (HT300). Four-rail arrangement is adopted. The force is more stable. The spindle motor of the power head adopts a dedicated servo motor for the spindle to drive the spindle through a synchronous belt, with large torque at low speed, which can not only bear heavy cutting load, but also be suitable for high-speed machining of cemented carbide tools. All-in-one drilling, tapping and milling. Equipped with a spindle torque detection sensor, by setting the cutting torque value, the equipment can automatically stop drilling when the tool is severely worn or chipped, preventing further drilling and preventing the appearance of unqualified holes.

The power head spindle adopts Taiwan precision spindle, the spindle taper hole BT50, which can be clamped with carbide inner coolant drill bit and high-speed steel twist drill bit, and has the function of purging and cleaning the spindle taper hole.

The ball screw, linear roller guide, electrical control system, servo spindle motor, servo feed motor and its driver, hydraulic pump, valve, etc., all equipped with this machine tool are all well-known brands with high precision, high reliability and few failures.


Advantages of Ritec High Speed Drilling and Milling Machine

  1. High efficiency, internal cooling plus external cooling, fast processing speed, 3-5 times that of ordinary radial drills
  2. Easy to use, easy to operate, not difficult to learn
  3. The market price is at the low and medium price level of dry high quality. Compared with dry vertical machining center or CNC gantry milling machine, the price can be saved by more than half,
  4. Gantry mobile type, small footprint and large processing area
  5. The old-fashioned drilling machine cannot guarantee the positioning accuracy of the workpiece with multiple distances, while the positioning accuracy and repeated positioning accuracy of the Ritec CNC gantry drilling and milling machine are accurate.

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