Roll Forming Machine

Cold bending is a multi pass forming roll which is arranged in order, and the sheet metal strip and other metal strip are flexed continuously to make the plastic processing technology of the specific section profile.

Jinan Ritec Machinery is the professional manufactuer in making cold roll forming machine, slitting line machine and cut to length line machine.

We offer many kinds of roll forming machine for sale and offer the best roll forming machine price.

Here’s why Ritec Machinery can offer you the best Roof Sheet Roll Forming Machines:

  1. High-efficiencyand High-automation, save manual labor;
  2. Free pick-up and drop-off, video inspection is available;Professional R&D team, members 60+;
  3. The parts have a long service life, can be used about 5-10 years;
  4. High-accuracy, error ±0.03mm
  5. It can be matched with slitting, cut-to-length line and palletizing machines; provide one-stop service

As a roll forming machine manufacturers,We can provide domestic and foreign users with automatic production lines such as uncoiling, leveling, feeding, punching, roll bending, welding, cutting, etc.

Rolling shutter machine can complete the forming of a variety of different workpieces and are used in different industries. We will customize different machines for you according to your different needs. Some key parameters need to be considered when choosing a roll forming machine: material type, workpiece drawing and specific parameters.

The following are the metal roofing machine used to produce different workpieces:

1.Shelf Column roofing sheet machine

2.High-speed Guardrail metal roll forming

3.Solar Photovoltaic Bracket sheet metal roll forming

4.Glazed Roof Tiles Roll Forming Machine

1.Shelf Column roof panel machine

The online punching and continuous production method can effectively ensure the quality and stability of the product.

Sigma column production line adopts continuous production method, which can produce 5~6 pieces per minute

The production line adopts automatic coding, which reduces the number of people in the production line. Each production line only needs 1~2 people, which saves labor costs and reduces labor intensity.

Roll Forming Machine插图 Roll Forming Machine插图1 Roll Forming Machine插图2

For more information on the Shelf Column standing seam metal roof machine we offer, please see our product page:

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2.High-speed Guardrail Roll Forming Machine

  • The main process route is: unwinding-leveling-servo feeding-online punching (end and reinforced holes)-cold bending forming-tracking and cutting-automatic coding.
  • The production line has the characteristics of high degree of automation, high efficiency, good stability, etc.;
  • it has been used by many domestic users and has won good customer reviews

3.Solar Photovoltaic Bracket Roll Forming Machine

  • The sheet roll forming machine structure is simple, easy to install and transport, has a certain degree of shock resistance and wind resistance, and has popularization and practical value.
  • The solar stent production equipment we provide can complete the production of new solar stents.
  • Standing seam roll former has been produced and operated in many companies and has achieved good benefits.

4.Glazed Roof Tiles roll forming line

We use three-dimensional cutting tools to make the cutting end change with the ups and downs of the pressing table.

  • The appearance is beautiful, generous and simple.
  • Roof panel roll forming machine has been used more and more in construction, especially in the light steel structure of villas and tourist attractions.
  • The color steel plate glazed tile pressing machine is produced according to export standards, with beautiful appearance, high degree of automation, stable and reliable product quality, and has been exported to many countries and received unanimous praise from customers.

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