The Roll Forming Machine Purchased by The Indian Customer is Being Assembled

Our customer wants to make fan accessories. The following is the sample picture sent to us by the customer. Our technical team has designed a super cost-effective machine for the customer within the customer’s budget. Under the premise of not exceeding the customer’s budget, all the machine’s The best materials and accessories are used, allowing customers to obtain high-quality products at ultra-low prices

Details of The Roll Forming Machine

Features of the Machine

Adopting advanced world famous brand components in pneumatic parts ,electric parts and operation parts.

The shaft diameter is very thick, to ensure its service life; And the roll shaft replacement operation is simple, can meet
different needs.

High quality materials, get a longer service life, low maintenance cost.

Gear and other key parts are all equipped with safety protection devices to ensure the safety of machines and workers at all times.

The most competitive price.

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