You can find on this page, CNC Angle Punching Line, CNC Channel Steel Punching Line, CNC Angle Drilling Line, High Speed CNC Angle Drilling Line, CNC Punching Combined Line For Angle Flat Steel, It is mainly used for printing, punching and cutting processes in the production of iron towers in the power transmission and transformation and communication industries and the production of metal components in the construction industry. Choose one below! Or just contact the sales manager.​

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1. About Ritec CNC angle line

In the iron tower processing equipment, there are two main processing methods used in the hole making process, one is punching, and the other is drilling, which is also called CNC angle steel punching machine and CNC angle drilling machine.

It is widely used in electric power and communication tower manufacturing industries, and can realize marking, punching, drilling and cutting functions. Fully meet the processing needs of angle steel.

2. CNC angle steel line classification

Usually, the angle steel punching line processes angle steel below L200X20, and the angle steel drilling line processes angle steel above L200X20.

The angle steel punching line we produce is divided into JGX series: special punching, marking and shearing for angle steel; considering that the electric iron accessories industry often needs to process flat steel and channel steel, we design and produce JBX series on this basis. The JBX series angle steel punching machine is used for punching, marking and shearing of angle steel and flat steel, and can also be used for punching of channel steel web.